Our Privacy Policy

To view this site, you do not need to identify yourself.

If you wish to leave information on this site, you do not have to identify yourself. For example, to add information and photographs to this site, correct errors, or leave comments.

If you identify yourself you need to provide your name and an email address.

The email address will be used to contact you if the Foundation wants to ask you a question about information or photographs of a war memorial you have added to the database.

Your information will not be sold or given to anyone else. And we will not email you unless you ask us to or we have a question pertaining directly to a submission you made to this site.

Finally, you may accidentally or on purpose provide other identifying information in the information or photographs you upload to the database. All data you upload to the database, when approved by the Foundation, becomes public information visible by any and all visitors to this site. And the information on this site could find itself elsewhere. When you submitted information to this database you gave a perpetual and irrevocable license for its use. So be careful, because you can't retract it.

If you have questions or a dispute regarding the use of personally identifiable information please contact the Foundation.